The Ending of First Love

The Ending of First Love 🌿🍃🍂🌸


The first thought that pops in my head, was it real? And if yes, why didn’t it last forever? And if no, why did it last so long? Is the real only temporary?
Why must one wait until the breaking point is reached? Why is it not equally okay to stop trying before a situation gets uglier? Why conquer the ‘what if’?

Now what? Now that it’s over, now what am I to do? Last week I was going grocery shopping for two. I seen myself in you, now that you’re gone, I’m slowing losing myself too.

You’ve helped me grow so much this we know. I’ve seen potential in you, potential you still don’t know. No sadness no sorrow. My time with you were years leased. You were never mine to keep. We’ve done all we could for each other.

The mission is complete.






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