Before bed

So, for a couple of years now, I’ve been using a mediation, instrumental, and nature mixture of sounds to help aid in a peaceful nights sleep. Words can’t help to describe how refresh and divine I feel in the morning after listening to hours of independently composed sounds I have made with the help of an iPad app.

However, as of recently, I have been falling asleep to a white noise background that is said to help aid the DNA and activate the pineal gland. More recently, I have also been listening to Chakra healing and Chakra activation at night.

The results of my nights sleep are as wonderful as you can imagine closing yours eyes comfortably, going into a deeper consciousness, grooving to the delightful sounds of the piano, flute, violin, waves in the sea, wind against the window, rain on the rooftop, thunder, and a calm breeze.

What better time to go deep inside yourself than when you are at peace? Start with trying any type of soothing background sound or music that you can fall asleep to with no problem as opposed to something that’s pleasant to the ears but keeps you up all night. Soon you’ll know exactly what sounds or music you need to help take your  special rechargeable time to the next level.


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